Parent feedback on Darren's coaching and results

"Many thanks Darren. You have been great with the kids and Hannah’s skills and confidence have grown no end! She also thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Thanks for all of your support for Dylan - I know he has really appreciated your guidance and will be coming to as many husky training sessions as possible (thanks for letting him :-)).  I see such an amazing improvement in his skills - which is direct reflection of your development group training."

"Thanks Darren! Micki has shown so much improvement and skill development working with you. Thank you for all your efforts and work with her and the other girls too."

“I have not had the chance to stay and watch the FDC sessions but my husband has told me that he has been very impressed with the way the sessions have been run and that you yourself are doing an outstanding job and we love your approach to ensuring everybody there needs to pay attention and listen to the coaches. Your enthusiasm is obvious and these kids are extremely lucky to have you and this opportunity.”

"Ella is very determined and loves football. Thank you for the opportunity for her to improve her skills and to be part of this program"

“…… is really enjoying it - he has been suffering from a cold over the last few weeks so not feeling his best, but he always wants to come to Football training!!   He is really enjoying the coaching and developing his skills so thank you to you and the team for all the hard work.  It is as awesome chance for all of the kids!!”

"Thanks so much Darren for this commendation. He will be so chuffed when he reads it, just like his Dad. Thanks for all your hard work and putting in the time to help train him.”

“Both boys are getting a lot out of the sessions and I think it’s a great thing you are doing. The boys especially seem to be enjoying the opportunity to play with older kids and really push them. Thanks again, we really appreciate the time you are putting in to help further the kids.”

“Thank you so much for that lovely email. It was such an encouraging and happy thing for us to read about her. She is really enjoying the programme so it's wonderful to hear she is progressing so well too. We appreciate all your effort to run and organise this programme. And for taking the time to email this to us. It was lovely to hear.”

“I would like to thank you & the other coaches for your time & effort you have put into running a great development program. Once again we are very thankful for the effort you have been putting in & will be great full for as much feedback you can give us.”

“Thanks Darren, you have done a fantastic job getting this up and running & congrats on the qualification. I’s been great getting your regular feedback as well. He loves going, although he will never be the quickest or the most skillful football player on the field, he has definitely improved and a lot more confident in his own abilities.”

“Thanks for the update and congratulations on the Level 3 qualification. Sounds like not only a great achievement during the week but a valuable experience as well. The kids (and parents) involved are lucky to have you driving these great sessions. Looking forward to our continued involvement with a initiative.”

“Oh my goodness, You are such a professional coach and your communication is outstanding! We really appreciate your time, effort and organisation as well as this fabulous opportunity! I know ……. confidence is growing. Thank you this is fabulous”

“Well done! Amazing effort, very happy that we are part of this”

“Your academy has been great and you should be proud of your Team’s (Other Coaches) achievement with most kids learning to  touch/pass more readily and run into space and communicate which are the three biggies at their age.”

"Hi Darren, Thank you for your very kind words on Hannah’s progress made. I have managed to get down for the last 20 min’s of most sessions and I can openly say that your sessions are probably the best structured skill based sessions Hannah has encountered and find that your personable and direct manner with  the kids is showing some good results. The other Coaches have the skill sets also but I think Hannah has indeed thrived your positivity and opportunities given to test the boys and that the girls can be given equal opportunity. Your academy has been great Darren and you should be proud of your Team’s (Other Coaches) achievements with most kids learning to  touch/pass  more readily and  run into space and communicate which are the three biggies at their age."

"Thanks so much for all the time and effort you’ve put into this Darren. He is really loving it and is growing so much in confidence.”