Eastside Football Academy - PHILOSOPHY

"Endeavour + Application = Success"

1. Creating the perfect learning enviroment

- Player centred, ensuring the opportunity develop

- Enjoyable for players to be a part of

- Individual players to be set appropriate challenges

- Players take ownership in developing their abiity

- Encourage players to be creative

- Encourage players to make mistakes

- Encourage players to try new things

- Safe

- Code of conduct to ensure players development

3. Coaching - The coach

- Planned, prepared, organised and dedicated

- Passionate about football

- Fosters player engagement

- Positive and supportive

- Respect and fair to all players

- Lots of praise and encouragement

- Show leadership

- Clear and decisive

- Meet the players individual needs

- Set my own personal goals for the players to accomplish theirs

2. Training

- Player development at the heart of the training structure

- Use of affective challengers to promote creativity

- Emphasis is always on teamwork

- Activities to include competitivenes

- Teaching and understanding why, when and how?

- Effective and game related

- Technical

- Individualised

- Physical

4. Players - The kids

- Players to set goals

- Players ownership of their self improvement

- Repectful to all players and coaches

- Focused

- Challenge themselves

- Participate in conversations

- Find solutions

- Allow themselves to make mistakes

- Train with intensity

- Ask questions

- Enjoyment

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